SCPlayerProUnityPlugins is a video player plugin for Unity


What can we do?

Like most media players, we deal with audio and video playback. The difference with other playback plug-ins is that we will be compatible with most video formats and some non-popular pixel formats. The current release version is only for the windows platform and supports local files and network files.

SCPlayer is a player developed based on StreamCapturePro, StreamCapturePro is encapsulated based on FFMpeg,(If you want to know more, please click here to view the official website



  • Support most audio and video files
  • It is friendly to the video support of different resolutions
  • pixel formats that are not supported by the plug-in are detected and automatically converted to BGRA pixel format
  • Supports hardware acceleration of multiple device types, and users can specify the device types for hardware acceleration
  • Support multiple pixel formats, and uniformly set the memory to be aligned to 1 byte
  • The user can manually specify the output pixel format to ensure normal use in special occasions
  • Friendly and compatible with videos containing transparent channels
  • Manually or enable audio and video tracks
  • Good compatibility with different audios
  • Render to Rawimage or mesh
  • Demo

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